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Completing 5 years to SNap(R) Yahoo Group:
April 19, 2006

April 19, 2010
Thank you for being part of SNap(R) & for your support.

SNap(R) just started with the mission to serve others in 2002. It was a mission alone but when It came to the e-World in 2005 it grows with others &  it goes on growing. Today after completion of 5 years in e-World SNap(R) standing on a very strong position with more strong mission. The story of SNap(R) is not all about us, but it is all about you.
At SNap(R) we always work with the motive of "We Never Stops Working For You".
We started our mission with the SNap(R) Yahoo Group but we keep on growing and today we see ourself on a very strong position with the traffic of 1400 daily viewers on our blogs.
I am very thank ful of you all.

Current Activities of SNap(R)
SNap(R) Blogs:
Social Blogs:
Mailing Groups:
We have achieved lots of targets.....
Some of them are;

  1. SNap(R) by spreading messages helped to recruit about 12 volunteers for earthquake in Islamabad, Pakistan.

  2. SNap(R) by spreading messages provided channel to raise funds for Tsunami Victims.

  3. Jobs ads to the viewers. More than 62 thanks emails received to get jobs through Jobs Section.

  4. Public Service Messages

  5. Religious history, teachings etc

  6. Entertainment

  7. & lots of more.....
Some Comments by SNap(R) Viewers
Ann Y Long "SNap(R) has introduced a great way of entertainment."
Henry S. Chen MD "group lightens my stress and gave lots of information about healthcare & entertainment as well, I use to share these with my kids & colleagues."
Haider Khan, Quetta, Pakistan "Being a member of this group it is so nice to be in the group, the mails are too nice, specially the mailing to encourage the world, the mails to make updates in such a great way of entertainment. its so nice."
Rida Shahab, Pakistan "I really like the mails of group :)"

This is not the end...
But this is start of our mission....
We still need you,
with much powerful mission...
Your comments, feedbacks & anything you want to share with us are always welcome at