The story of Chui Xianren, a disabled street beggar from Shandong, China, is a tale of rags to riches. After pictures of his beautiful handwriting which he showcases on the city streets were posted online on a popular Chinese Site, Chui quickly became an online star. This caught the eye of Founder Electronics, the biggest Chinese font supplier in the world who decided to use his handwriting as a new font after signing a contract with Chui for 50,000 RMB ($7800) for his living expenses as he works to develop the font.
The product manager of Founder Electronics stated that:
“Chui’s writing is quaint and elegant. It is so beautiful that we believe that with some development it will be widely used in advertisements. It can also be applied to the titles of magazines and as furniture carving”
The 49-year-old man from Hei Longjiang province was injured 18 years ago when a fuel barrel exploded at his work place, resulting in burns on his face and hands, as well as the paralysis of his entire body except for his fore and index fingers. Unable to work, he has since been practicing his handwriting with colored chalk and exhibiting it on the streets.
All profits generated by the font for the next 50 years will go directly to Chui and be under the name “Xian Ren”. Users will have to pay 2000 RMB ($315) for a yearly license. Although he now has financial support, Chui stated that he will continue to draw on the streets for everyone to see.