The Elephant was an Elephant, and Does Not !!!

Villagers Chitsa (Chitsa 'Campfire' area) on the border of National Park in Zimbabwe Gonarezhu accidentally found the carcass of an elephant and decided to take advantage of this situation. British photographer David Chancellor (David Chancellor) watched everything that happened.
Beware, then TIN!

Chitsa village adjacent to the second-largest national park Zimbabwe - Gonarezhu. This is one of the most remote parts of the country from civilization. Local residents are living hand to mouth, and do not eat meat almost never.

Once, several men from the village came upon the carcass of a recently slain elephant poachers and immediately notify his fellow villagers.

Sami locals never attack an elephant.

Perhaps this elephant killed for tusks hunters and villagers were in place before.

But if the elephant is dead too, should enjoy this.

The meat is distributed fairly among the villagers, some eaten immediately, the other part vyalyat and hide in the future.

Bones also find application in agriculture.

The community gathered around an elephant killed almost at full strength and all set to work.

Carcass was butchered in the most bare hands, sometimes helping itself with homemade knives fashioned from old tin cans.

Less than two hours away from the elephant was a skeleton, and one day disappeared and bone.

At the spot where lay the carcass, leaving only very subtle signs of history occurred.