Cheetah and Labrador - Best friends

The national park in Florida, two unusual friends live - cheetah Kasi and Labrador Mtani. Little was left an orphan cheetah, and the zoo decided to make friends with his Labrador puppy. Since then, the year has passed, and the pair are still inseparable.

The name of the cheetah - "Kasi" - in Swahili means "quick", and Labrador - "Mtani" - "best friend".

Little cheetah was lonely, but with the advent of Mtani his life has become much more fun - very much like friends, love to play and frolic together.

As recognized by one of the zoo keepers, this unusual experiment was successful also because cheetahs and dogs have a similar organization of society.

Small Kasi.

This photo was taken in a year.