Naked Japanese Robinson Crusoe on his own island

76-year-old Masafuni Nagasaki - the only inhabitant of the tiny island Sotobanari in Japan. And its status as an old man that Robinson enjoys the full - it just goes naked.

A. 76-year-old naked hermit Masafumi Nagasaki, admiring the sea from a beach on the island Sotobanari, off the western coast of Iriomote Island, Okinawa Prefecture. Walk around the island of dangerous currents, moreover, there is no single drop of natural water, so the local fishermen often swim to the island. But Nagasaki made this tropical island in Okinawa Prefecture, in the form of a human kidney to their home.

02.  Masafumi Nagasaki dines at the table of the foam. "I do not do what society tells me, but I follow the rules of the natural world. Nature does not win, so she has to fully comply "- the philosophy of Nagasaki.

03. Nagasaki, washing dishes at the beach. He wears clothes only once a week, when she goes to the nearest village to the boat (an hour's sailing from here) to buy food and drinking water for money, that he send to relatives.

04. Nagasaki is on the jungle island Sotobanari. Basically, he eats rice and rainwater washes it collects in pots, placed around the island.

05. "Razgulivanie naked does not fit the customary society, but here on this island, it seems natural, it's like my dress code - said Nagasaki. - If you wear clothes, it seems that it is not the place. "

06. Once the man was working in the field of entertainment - he was a photographer, and then decided to retire on the island, where he establishes his rule.

07. "Find a place where you want to die - it is very important, and I decided to find peace here."

08. "Before, I had not even thought about how this is important - find a place where you want to die, whether in hospital or at home, with relatives nearby."

09. "But to die here, surrounded by nature - it's just fine, no?"