"Tiger's Nest", this monastery hangs on the 3,000-meter cliff in the valley of Paro, Bhutan in the Himalayas. Legend has it that Guru Rinpoche, the second Buddha, subdued rock at the back of the great tiger, and then found a cave and decided to build a monastery. Established in 1692 and renovated in 1998, Taktsang is strictly for Buddhists. The only way to get here - on foot or mule. No tourists are not allowed to enter inside.

1,600-year-old Orthodox monastery, established on the rocks, at an altitude of 1,200 meters in the Valley Altyndere. Officially opened in 1920, the monastery now functions as a museum and popular tourist attraction. Panagia Sumela contains several chapels, a kitchen and amazing mountain church. 

Meteora - means "middle of the sky." The monastery is situated high on a sandstone pillar in Thessaly, central Greece. Eastern Orthodox Monastery - UNESCO World Heritage Site, with perhaps the most interesting history of the base. Legend has it that the founder of the monastery of St. Afanazius had to climb a rock face, to set there the religious flag. But instead, he moved to the dizzy heights of an eagle. For the most humble of visitors, however, carved stairs - the only mode of transport to the top of the monastery of Meteora . Until the 1920s most people had to use ropes and pulleys, to climb to the top. These ropes are used to transport materials on a 550-meter slope. The monastery is also famous for the fact that there were shooting one of the James Bond movies.

This Serbian Orthodox Church can be found high on a stone rock Ostrožská Grad. The monastery is carved out of stone. This is the most popular place of pilgrimage in Montenegro and thousands of people visit Ostrog every year. Based Basil, the Metropolitan Bishop of Herzegovina in the 17th century, and whose relics were buried in the cave. One of the reasons for the large number of visitors - many believe that prayer is about the body of Basil can cure the disease, or at least help with the problems in life.

It is an orthodox monastery located near Lake Kozhozero in the north-western part of Russia - one of the most remote regions on the planet. The monastery, founded in the 1500s, is one of the most difficult in the world, since the location and lack of roads. Anyone wishing to visit the monastery must first get on the train to the station Nimenga, then drive a truck through the thicket, and finally go through the last 32 kilometers on foot. Even then, there is another tricky obstacle - the lake. Travelers should light a fire and wait for the boat to be sent from the other side. Needless to say, the monastery has no electricity or internet, so make sure to tell people where you're going before uedete.Ego can be safely attributed to the most difficult of the monasteries in the world.

People who visit Taungkalat, head in the clouds ... literally. At an altitude of about 737 meters, under Taungkalatom offers clean break. The monastery hangs over the dormant volcano, and the exact date of its foundation no one knows. Those who wish to visit the monastery, must take into account two things. First, you will have to climb 777 steps. Second, make sure your things upstairs, monkeys here love to steal things.

Monastery Kay is located in the eponymous village in the Himalayas. Tibetan Buddhist monastery reached the summit of a hill at an altitude of 4,166 meters above sea level, overlooking the valley of Spiti. This is - a religious training center for Lamas, prezhivshy repeated attacks of the Mongols and other armies throughout its history.

Located on the West Bank of the Jordan, the Palestinian territories, the Monastery of St. George impresses with its location. Christian sanctuary of the sixth century, is available on a pedestrian bridge Wadi Keltie. The monastery was built around the cave that stopped a group of monks in the fourth century. He was not always peaceful. Shortly after its creation, the Persian hijackers passed through the valley and killed all the monks living in the monastery. The bones and skulls of the deceased can still be seen in the dedication of the wall to this day.

In the Chinese province of Shanxi is amazing hanging temple. This monastery was founded on the rock, supported by slender piles. It seems that the first strong gust of wind will bring down all the buildings on the bottom of the gorge. But it must be luck of the gods (or a really good engineer) - Huang Kong has experienced several earthquakes over the years and has remained unscathed. Inside, the building is extraordinary, as the halls and rooms follow the contours of the rocky cliff face. Created more than 1,400 years ago, the temple is amazing for its architectural merit. How he survived so long? Read more about it, read the article Hanging Temple of Mount Heng.

Hidden in the remote south-eastern region of Zanskar, high in the Himalayas, is Fuktal Gompa, carved into the cliff face of a massive gorge at an altitude of about 3,800 meters. House about 70 monks, an extraordinary structure was established in the 12th century by Lama Gangsemom Sherapom Sampo. Surprisingly, although the structure is made of mud bricks, stones and wood, it has experienced hundreds of years.