Haleji Lake is located 70 km from Karachi in the Thatta District, Sindh. Being the Asia’s greatest bird refuge, the lake is a heaven for the bird lovers. In every winter, the months between November to February, millions of migratory birds from all around the world come to this lake to find sanctuary. It is renowned as one of the most significant wintering places of migratory water fowl in Eurasia. Lake Haleji covers the total area of 19 km. The total area of primary water reservoirs is about 10.59 sq. km and the maximum depth is recorded as 5.18 meters.
Haleji Lake complementing with Hudero Lake and Keenjhar Lake creates a very gigantic network of waterfowl habitat. These lakes are now an important refuge to dabblers, divers, fresh and brackish water lovers, surface and deep water feeders. All these lakes combine to make strange salt and fresh water, a striking place to suite necessities and moods. The environment of Haleji Lake has given home to 223 species of birds. The Sindh government contributed official cover to protect ecology of the zone and Haleji Lake has been announced as Sanctuary for wildlife animals.