Mangla Dam was established across the River Jhelum in 1967. It is located about 67 miles from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad in Mirpur district, Azad Kashmir. It is the 16th largest dam of the world. Mangla Power Station placed at the Mangla Dam is considered to be 2nd greatest dam in Pakistan and 12th major hydro station around the globe.
The primary structure of the dam contains 2 spillways, 5 power irrigation tunnels, 4 barrier dams and 100 megawatt power stations which provide electricity to Pakistan. The 2 spillways of dam are placed on right side. Average service ability of the primary spillway is 900,000 cusecs. It contains 9 gates; all are 36 feet broad and 40 feet tall. The second one is the emergency spillway. In Future, the architecture of this emergency spillway reinforces for an extension of 48 feet in length or height.