Almost all the Pakistanis are aware about the Tashkent Declaration and about the situation that took place at that time but some interesting facts have been highlighted by the famous journalist Rauf Klasra in his column that have never been in the light before.
The famous journalist writes in his column that the story behind Tashkent Declaration is quite strange.  Kuldeep Nayar is one of those renowned journalists of India who has been criticized for having a favorable side for Pakistan. He was present in Tashkent and he writes in his book about the agreement that when the declaration was being agreed upon there was much pressure on Shastri to put all efforts in finding a permanent solution to Pak-India tension. Cease-fire wasn’t going to be a solution so the only thing that would satisfy the Indian people was for Shastri to find a solution that would bound both the countries to not go into war and all the future issues would be solved through mutual talking.